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General Information :

Mission & Vision :

Vision: Upgrading the agency's professional and technical performance to match up with the highly distinguished news agencies around the world.

Mission: Providing news services with a high degree of credibility, neutrality and accuracy to ensure fast news delivery.


A Royal Decree was issued on July 16, 1969 to establish Jordan News Agency (PETRA) as an independent body linked to the Ministry of Information.

Agency’s Board of Directors:

- Chairman: Minister of state for Media Affairs and Communications Dr. Mohammed Hussein Al-Momani .

- Deputy Chairman: Director General of Jordan News Agency(Petra) Faisal Al Shboul

- Head of Jordan Press Association Tariq Al Momani

- Omar Abandah

- Hashim Khreisat

- Mohammad Al Tall, chief editor of Ad-dustour daily newspaper

- Jareer Maraqa

Agency’s Services:

1. Daily News bulletin in Arabic with around 100 news items.

2. Daily News bulletin in English with around 35 news items.

3. Photographs for various news with 25 photos daily.

4. Training center services.

5. T.V unit services.

6. News achieve which contains over a million news items.

7. Digital Photo achieve which includes 110 photos.

8. Short Message Service (SMS) .

Transmission of Daily News Bulletins:

1.Via direct phone lines.

2.Via the FTP .

3. Through Arabia 2000 satellite package that is transmitted by United Press International (UPI).

4.Through the following websites:


6.Smart phones news applications.


News Department:


-Coverage and follow up of official and public and private sector activities in Amman and the governorates.

- Coverage of social and political events.

- Preparing reports and interviews on various issues.

- Documenting news activities.

Department offices in Jordan :

Zarqa 0779353327

Al Salt 05/3552689

Madaba 05/3243932

Irbid 02/7245321

Jerash 02/6354607

Al Mafraq 02/6234739

DeirAbi Saeed 02/6521335

Ajloun 02/6421003

Al Karak 03/2351225

Aqaba 03/2091045

Al Tafeeleh 03/2242557


Mahmoud Al Froukh Ramallah 00970599778387

Amjad Al Shawwa Gaza 00970599401297

Jumana Khouri Damascus 009763933446373

Faris Al Jmaiel Beirut 009613452688

Burhan Al Ashqar Beirut 009617187876

Fadel Al Badrani Baghdad 009647809125781

Faisal Al Shammari Dubai 009654443953

Sameer Al Yafi Manama 0795524005

Dana Al T’eimat Doha 0097455496238

Nabeeha Al Haidari Sana’a 00967733201081

Doha Taleeq Tunisia 21620176350

Khaldoun Al Azhari Tokyo 00819088094446

Yousef Khataibeh Beijing 008613825002025

Osama Al Habahbeh Copenhagen 004539651124

Rasmi Shqeirat London 004477666566581

Basem Al Khataibeh Washington 0018046052270

Mohammad Kheir Daqamseh New York 0019179723214

Sakher Al Bazai’a Malaysia 0060122239080

Salam Msafer Moscow 0079169039962

Laith Al Momani Kuwait 0096566461354

Niveen Abu Abiah Cairo 002010033066501

News Editing Department:


- Editing news items sent by reporters and correspondents both in Arabic and English and transmitting them.

- Following up news items on Jordan in the foreign media.

- Sustaining the work of the Agency’s website in English.

Specialized News Department:


- Preparing investigative reports on issues of interest to Jordanians.

- Coverage of economic activities.

- Preparing analytic economic reports on the economic situation in Jordan, the Arab world and the world.

- Preparing feature stories.

- Filming and producing documentary films for public and private sectors.

- Coverage of sport, cultural and artistic events and news.

Information and Electronic Media Department:


- Publishing the Agency’s news and photos.

- Sustaining the work of the Agency’s website in Arabic.

- Preparing a daily calendar of the expected daily events.

- Achieving news and photos.

Training and Development Department:


-in house training for employees.

-cooperating with training centers on the standardization of the training activities

-management of Media Training Center of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA).

-holding training courses to serve the local community.

Improving the Agency’s image through establishing relations with local and international institutions.

Engineering Department:


-Connecting departments through the internal network and the internet.

- Providing the needed electronic systems for the Agency’s work.

- Providing the needed software for the protection of data at the Agency.

-Establishing a suitable strategy to implement the concept of the e-government.

- training employees on the new technologies and equipment that helps them in fulfilling their duties.

- Providing technical services for the Agency’s subscribers.

- Transmitting Short message service and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

Administrative Department:


- Receiving and sending the Agency’s mail and its documentation.

- Managing the transportation section and other services needed at the Agency.

Financial Department:


-Preparing the Agency’s budget.

-Monitoring monthly expenditure to guarantee the sufficiency of the allocated budget.

- Management of employees’ salaries and bonus.

Human Resources Unit:


-Ensuring best benefit from available human resources.

- Establishing a data base for employees.

- Preparing the Agency’s Jobs formation table and implementing employment regulations.



Institutional Development Unit:


- Developing the Agency’s services.

- Issuing reports on the implementation and development of the Agency’s strategic plan.

- Reviewing and developing the key performance indicators of the news items.

- Evaluating performance in regards with the strategic goals.

- Knowledge management.

Internal Monitoring Unit:


- Monitoring the activities at the Agency according to laws and regulations.














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