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Queen Rania highlights challenges facing refugee-host countries
New York, Sept. 19 (Petra) -- CNN has published an article by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah highlighting challenges facing refugee-host countries.

Her Majesty, a board member of the International Rescue Committee, indicated that the world's wealthiest nations pledged a 30 percent increase in humanitarian financing and a doubling of the number of slots for refugee resettlement to wealthy nations, but twelve months on, they have faltered.

She added that low- and middle-income countries, struggling to meet the needs of their own populations, are shouldering a disproportionate share of the refugee population.

"So far, wealthy countries have resettled less than 3 percent. And this year, far from doubling opportunities for refugee resettlement, overall refugee resettlement numbers are expected to decline by as much as 60 percent," Her Majesty wrote.

She also pointed out that in 2016, wealthy nations provided 63 percent of the $4.54 billion requested for the Syria region's response plan, but this year, that plan is just 45.1 percent funded.

Queen Rania said countries such as Jordan are doing their best to support those seeking safety and security. She highlighted the stories of refugees who walked a long way to find a safe haven.

She urged world leaders participating the United Nations General Assembly to do the right thing and to "walk a few steps in refugees' shoes and meet them on their long walk from despair to dignity." //Petra// AA
20/9/2017 - 09:30:26 PM

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